Oil Economy Group

This Group has been formed to obtain beneficial rates by ordering in bulk and is open to anyone in receipt of the Parish Magazine (Partnership).


Unfortunately, the Newton Flotman shop is currently closed.  Until further notice please deliver completed oil order forms directly to Bob McKibbin at ‘Darragh’, Flordon Road by the first Tuesday of the month selected.  Alternatively, completed forms can be emailed to him at bob.mckibbin@gmail.com 

Blank Order Forms are available from the link below or by telephoning Bob on 01508 470823

Completed order forms must be handed in no later than the first Tuesday in the selected month. (FEBRUARY – MAY – AUGUST – NOVEMBER)
Delivery will normally take place the following week. N.B. No specific date can be given.
The orders will be collected on the Tuesday for collation the following day.  The oil companies will then be contacted to obtain the most advantageous price.
The deliveries will be made as if the member has ordered individually.  Each delivery will be accompanied by the normal delivery note/invoice. Each member is responsible for the payment of his/her own invoice.
The member’s contract will be with the SUPPLIER and not with the NEWTON FLOTMAN OIL ECONOMY GROUP.  The group will not handle money and will only act as a voluntary service to coordinate the central heating oil requirements of the group members and to negotiate with suppliers.  This will enable suppliers to make economies in their deliveries which they, in turn, will pass on to the members of the group.

Oil Economy Order Forms and Conditions (in PDF format) can be downloaded and printed via the following links

Order Form v3

Oil Group instructions v2 1

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