The Parish Plan

A copy of the 2008 Newton Flotman Parish Plan (in PDF format) can be downloaded by clicking on the following link.

Parish Plan Report

Parish Plan Update – January 2009

Bus companies (First Bus & Simmonds) – The bus companies have agreed to monitor usage but will only provide additional services if cost effective.

 Seating in the Bus Shelter – It has been agreed to purchase a recycled bench which will be installed shortly.

Maintenance of Roads/Footpaths/Verges etc. – A survey of pedestrian traffic on Flordon Road has been undertaken by NCC Highways to establish if there is a need to extend the footpath. Little or no pedestrian traffic was observed during the survey and as a consequence, any extension to the footpath has been designated as very low priority.

Some resurfacing of existing footpaths has already taken place.

Street Lighting – A report is being prepared by NCC but they advise that they will only install street lighting on sites with a significant night time accident record.

Road Traffic Issues – The Police have visited Flordon Road with ‘SAM’ as part of the Speed Awareness Monitoring programme and will continue to do so at random intervals.

Cars being parked on footpaths and those parked too close to road junctions are issues which are being addressed by the Police.

The possibility of extending 20 MPH limits to all residential roads has met with no success as Highways has advised that to do so would be too expensive and has low priority.

We currently have insufficient volunteers to assist with a speed monitoring exercise and may have to abandon this project

Drains and Sewers – Anglian Water has inspected the foul drain at the bottom of St Mary’s Close and the pumping station by the bridge to ensure it is performing adequately.  Residents are requested to advise Anglia Water directly on 08457 145145 of any incidents of sewage flooding.  (In order for the Parish Council to keep a record of reported incidents, we would be grateful if you would also inform the Parish Clerk).

Litter/Dog Waste Bins – Further bins are being installed in the village.

Newton Flotman Oil Economy Group – This Group has been formed to obtain beneficial rates by ordering in bulk and is open to anyone in receipt of the Parish Magazine (Partnership). Copies of the order form and conditions are available via the links shown below.

Oil Economy Order Form
Oil Economy Conditions

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