All council meeting agendas

Agenda: Budget Setting 17th January 2017

Agenda 2017 01 Budget

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Budget 2017-18

Precept Notes 2017-18

Reserves Policy

Agenda: 29th November 2016


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Website Registrants and Views

Overgrown Hedge Alan Avenue

St Mary’s Close/Playing Field Ditch Report

St Mary’s Close/Playing Field Plan

St Mary’s Close/Playing Field Drainage Plan


St Mary’s Newton Flotman PCC Donation Request

Asset Register

Electoral Review, Covering Letter

Electoral Review Summary

SNC Draft Community Asset Strategy

Half Year Accounts

Receipts and Invoices

Statement of Accounts

British Red Cross Donation Request

British Red Cross Information

Draft Budget


Agenda: 27th September 2016

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Agenda: 19th July 2016

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Item 8f – Website Registrants and Views

Item 9g – Village Sign Quotes

Item 9h – Litter Bin Options for Kings Green

Item 9i – Bus Shelter Quote

Item 10a – Parish Partnership Scheme 2017-18

Item 11a – GNLP SA Scoping – Notification Letter Final

Item 11b – Boundary Review

Item 13 a&c – Receipts and Invoices 2016 07

Item 13 a&c – Statement of Accounts 2016 07


Agenda: 31st May 2016

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Item 8 – Current Delegation Arrangements to the Clerk

Item 13f – Website Registrants and Views

Item 14d – Employer Pensions Policy Guide

Item 14d – Pension Policy Statement

Item 15a – Application for Transparency fund 16-17

Item 15bii – Entrance to Newton Flotman on the Flordon Road

Item 15d – Anglian Water’s Polution Watch

Item 16a – Call for Sites Parish letter

Item 16b – Statement of Community Involvement consultation letter

Item 16c – Parishes 2025 Survey Text 200416

Item 16d – Covering Letter NCC Norfolk Minerals Site Specific Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD) Single Issue Silica Sand Review – Pre-Submission Document

Item 16d – NCC Norfolk Minerals Site Specific Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD), Single Issue Silica Sand Review – Pre-Submission Document

Item 17a – Insurance Remittance Advice 2016

Item 17a – Insurance Renewal Quote 2016

Item 17bi – Norfolk ALC Invoice

Item 17bi – Norfolk ALC Renewal Letter

Item 17bii – CAN Membership

Item 17c – Annual Inspection 2016

Item 18a – Internal Audit Report

Item 18b – Accounts 2015-16

Item 18c – Annual Governance Statement

Item 18d – Statement of Accounts

Item 18e&g – Receipts and Invoices 2016 05

Item 18e&g – Statement of Accounts 2016 05

Item 18f – Donation Request Age UK

Item 18g – Timesheet

Agenda: 22nd March 2016

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Item 8f – Website Registrants and Views

Item 9diii – Notice Board Quote – Greenbarnes Heavy DutyNotice Board Quote – Greenbarnes Standard 12 A4; Notice Board Quote – Greenbarnes Standard 18 A4 ;Notice Board Quote – Harry StebbingNotice Board Quote – Noticeboard Company 

Item 9e – Allotment Fence Plan; Allotment Fence Quote – Arkscape; Allotment Fence Quote – K&N; Allotment Fencing Quote – DT Dye

Item 10a – Spring Conference Booking Form; Spring_Conference

Item 10b – Report on South Norfolk ALC Meeting

Item 10c – Ditch Maintenance Quote

Item 11a – NCC Local List for Validation of Planning Applications

Item 12a – Newton Flotman Parish Council – Business Continuity Plan 2016; Newton Flotman Parish Council – Risk Assessment 2016

Item 12b – Internal Control Policy 2016

Item 13b – Donation Request – Helimedi

Item 13c – Receipts and Invoices 2016 03; Statement of Accounts 2016 03Timesheet

Agenda: 19th January 2016

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Item 8f – Website Registrants and Views

Item 9ai – SNC’s Long Stratton Area Action Plan Consultation

Item 10b – Sector Led Body for Audit – Fact Sheet (1)

Item 12a – Statement of Accounts 2016 01Receipts and Invoices 2016 01

Item 13 – Budget 2016-17Precept Briefing Paper

Item 14c – SNC Paperless Planning Applications


Agenda: 24th November 2015

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Agenda: 29th September 2015

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Agenda: 28th July 2015

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Item 7a – Letter from The Pension Regulator

Item 9di – Suggested Risk Assessment for the SAM 2 device

Item 10 – A draft Media Policy

Item 12 – Information relating to the Community Emergency Plan: Blank Community Plan 2014questionnaire. sample

Item 13 – Basket Ball quote,

Item 14 – Documents regarding the registering of assets of community value: Assets of Community Value – Christopher’s Briefing Note85-The-Community-Right-To-Nominate-and-Bid-Assets-of-Community-Value-England-1SNC Nomination letter to OwnerSNC Fact Sheet sent to owners; further information can be found on South Norfolk Council’s website –

Item 15 – Funding and agreement forms for the Mini Recycling Centre

Item 17 – A letter from Norfolk County Council regarding the Parish Partnership 2016-17

Item 19 – Receipts and Invoices 2015 07 and Statement of Accounts 2015 07

Item 20a – The minutes of the Planning Meeting held since the last Parish Council meeting: Planning Minutes 16th June 2015