Long Stratton Development, Frequently Asked Questions

Norfolk Homes and Norfolk Land launched their pre-application consultation at an exhibition held on Monday 17th July in Long Stratton, below are answers to frequently asked questions. Comments regarding the consultation should be forwarded to alan@cornerstone-planning.co.uk.

Q: What development is coming forward?

A: The Long Stratton Area Action Plan adopted by the Council in 2016 in consultation with the local community identifies a minimum of 1,800 homes, 11 hectares of employment land, land for a new primary school, open space and play areas and enhanced links to the countryside.

Q: What transport improvements will the development bring forward?

A: The Council is seeking to ensure all appropriate infrastructure is provided. This includes a bypass, a link road between the A140 and Swan Lane and other appropriate highway improvements to the existing roads in Long Stratton to be agreed. These will include seeking to avoid vehicular access through the town.

Q: Have the Councils agreed the bypass as shown on Norfolk Homes and Norfolk Land’s consultation?

A: No, whilst a ‘bypass corridor’ in the same broad location has been identified in the adopted Long Stratton Area Action Plan, the design and alignment of the bypass is still being discussed by Norfolk Homes, Norfolk Land, Norfolk County Council and South Norfolk Council.

Q:Will the upcoming planning applications include improvements to Hempnall Crossroads?

A: Improvement measures will be secured as part of the development, but this is something that Council officers are discussing with the developers.

Q: Will there be development right up to the bypass?

A: Ensuring that both the development respect the rural characteristics of the existing landscape and that future residents will have a good quality of life in terms of noise levels are key considerations for the development. Ensuring there is suitable landscaping and green infrastructure between any homes and the proposed bypass are key considerations as proposals for the development come forward.

Q: When will the bypass be built?

A: There is a requirement in the Long Stratton Area Action Plan to provide the bypass before the occupation of the 250th new dwelling in the development, unless there is clear evidence this would not be financially possible and provided any later provision is acceptable in highway terms. The Council is working closely with the developers to identify when the bypass can be delivered and to help identify sources of funding for the developers to assist with this delivery.

Q: What will the impact of the development be on the existing road network, for example the surrounding A140?

A:The developer will be required to submit a full transport assessment to support their planning application showing the impact of their development proposals including the bypass on the local road network.

Q: What about doctor’s surgery capacity?

A: The Council has been in discussion with the Long Stratton Medical Partnership and NHS England over the new development and impact it will have on the doctor’s surgery. Identifying when homes are likely to come forward are important considerations for the doctor’s surgery so that they can plan for future healthcare. It is unfortunately not legally possible to secure funding from the development to improve healthcare services under planning policy and legislation, but the Council is working as closely as they can to assist the doctor’s surgery.

Q: What is this current consultation?

A: As part of preparing for their planning application the developer is carrying out a consultation to help shape their proposals.

Q: When is the planning application expected?

A: The planning application is expected in October/November 2017 and at that time the Council will consult with the public and technical bodies.


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