Rural Crime Update: 13th January 2017

Welcome to this week’s rural crime update. The next newsletter will be issued on Friday 20th January 2017.

Below there is a summary of some the incidents across Norfolk.  I would like to thank you for all your calls to Norfolk Constabulary; every piece of information, no matter how small helps us make Norfolk a safer county. You are our eyes and ears and we depend on your assistance to reduce rural crime.

If you do not wish to leave your details, you can also call anonymously or via Crime Stoppers.



On Watton Airfield, within a disused building a small rubbish fire was deliberately set. The Fire service attended and extinguished the fire quickly. Two young persons were seen running from the area so local Officers will continue with enquiries.

Hare Coursing:

On Saturday 7th January, we had a large group of persistent coursers in the south west of the county, in and around the Ouse Bridge area. There w sightings from Ten Mile Bank to Southery and across the county border at Littleport– the same group of people and vehicles were seen in relation to hare coursing.

Officers actively responded to these calls, but the coursers made off across fields in 4×4’s. As the day progressed, the weather hampered visibility and any aerial assistance from the helicopter. One vehicle was blocked from exiting a field and subsequently abandoned, with the persons making off on foot in the fog. The investigation will continue with forensic examination of the vehicle.

Heritage Crime:

St Peters Church at Ringland was targeted for lead theft. The alarm sounded when the thieves accessed the roof and were seen fleeing the scene on foot.

In Snettisham, St Marys Church has been the victim of lead thieves. 2 rolls of lead were removed from the roof. Ladders were used to access the roof.

Our heritage sites are at great risk from theft and vandalism.

If you see or hear anything suspicious, anything that your not happy with, please report it as soon as you can on: 101

If you believe there is a crime in progress, occurring there and then, please dial 999!

Pink is the colour

At Erpingham a caravan storage site has been the victim of theft. A total of 8 privately owned caravans being damaged, with the battery lockers being broken open and the battery being stolen.

DC Andy Brown reminds you that a simple spray of florescent pink paint will make your batteries un-attractive to thieves.

Whilst the offenders are on your land looking for stolen batteries, what else are they looking at?

Are you leaving yourself vulnerable to further incidents?

We would encourage all subscribers to Property Mark your items. This can be as easy as post-coding items or using products like SelectaDNA or Smartwater which can be easily applied to smaller items which helps identify them, combined with clear signage- this will dissuade thieves.

Wildlife Crime:

If you are aware of an incident or offence taking place there and then or shortly afterwards please dial 999. The above inbox will not be monitored 24/7 but it will provide you with a direct way to contact our Wildlife Crime Officers.  We look forward to hearing from you. Your local Wildlife Crime Officers:

Name Area
Insp Jon Papworth WCO Lead Breckland
Sgt Andy Tomlinson Breckland
PCSO Helen Maxwell Breckland
PC Ben Clark Kings Lynn / Downham Market
Pc Maria Asker Kings Lynn
PC Jim Squires South Norfolk
PS Richard Bedder Broadland
PC Jason Pegden North Norfolk
PC Stu Doe North Norfolk
DI Tom SMITH Norwich
PCSO Mac Cornaby Norwich


In Fincham we received a report of hare coursing. Though no dogs were seen to chase Hare, officers were urgently dispatched. Unfortunately they were unable to locate the group in the area upon their arrival.

On a field in Winfarthing, 3 males were seen trespassing on land with 2 Lurchers. They ran off towards woodland once they realised the Police had been called. They were last seen driving away at speed in a dark coloured 4×4.

Littleport– coursers were active on the Norfolk Cambridgeshire border over last weekend and again on Tuesday 10th January. Norfolk and Cambridgeshire received several calls regarding the same coursers moving along the border.

A little before 9pm on Tuesday night at Middleton, we received reports of illegal  coursing or lamping occurring on the local fields. Red lights were seen scanning the field before the vehicles left the area.

At West Rudham Police responded to calls regarding 4 males Coursing on land in a Blue Mitsubishi 4×4. During this time a second dark coloured 4×4 was seen in the same area of West Rudham potentially in relation to coursing.

Cockley Cley, 4 males were seen on land with dogs. They left the scene in a white Transit tipper towards the A1065. an area search was conducted but the vehicle was not sighted.

At about 7:45pm Wednesday night, between Barford and Marlingford, three males were seen to come out of hedge row alongside a field. They were in company of two dogs with one male holding a large lamp. When they realised a passing car was not collecting them, they disappeared back through the hedge.

Rural Crime:

The village of Upwell has seen some incidents over the weekend of the 7th and 8th of January. Number plates were stolen from a vehicle parked outside a private address and the Village Hall and Bowls Club had outside metal storage containers broken into.

At Mundesley on the North Norfolk Coast an emergency signal flare was set off. A member of the IRB- Inshore Rescue Boat  (RNLI) crew was able to ascertain that this was not an emergency situation but a boat had been broken into and one or more persons had set the flare off. Other items relating to the boat and theft were discovered close by. A second flare was located along the beach and made safe.

Heating Oil Theft:

In Cley next-the-sea, Great Dunham and Worthing we have taken reports of heating oil thefts. Large quantities of oil have been stolen at each location.

Heating Oil tank alarms are openly available in DIY shops and on-line. They sound when the tank empties at too fast a rate. I would urge anyone with an Oil Tank to consider installing one. They can be fitted quickly and easily by most people and give a high level or reassurance that this will discourage any potential future thefts.

I would like to thank you all for the ongoing support you provide Norfolk Police.

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