Rural Crime Update: 11th November 2016

Welcome to this week’s rural crime update. Below you will find some advice ref rural crime within Norfolk. Please contact us with any information you may have about rural crime, you are our eyes and ears and we depend on your assistance to reduce rural crime.

Who to contact…

Query  Who to contact  Non Urgent  Urgent
Farm / Agricultural & general advice DC Andy Brown Tel 101 or 07900 407106  999
 Metal Theft DC Andy Brown  Tel 101 or 07900 407106  999
 Wildlife Crime Insp Jon Papworth Tel 101 or  999
 Newsletter feedback


Mark Askham  999
 All other enquiries DC Andy Brown  999


  • 4 males charged for hare coursing and 2 reported for summons.
  • 15 vehicles seized
  • Lead thieves arrested

4 males charged for hare coursing

Officers from west Norfolk have charged four men with offences linked to hare coursing also seizing their dogs and vehicle. The charges relate to an incident which happened Tuesday 8 November 2016 on private land near to the A10 in Hilgay.

Police responded to reports of a group of men with dogs on a field without permission. A subsequent area search resulted in the arrest of four men in connection with the incident.

The males are due to appear at Kings Lynn Magistrates court on Thursday January 5th 2017 for their first hearing. The dogs will remain under our care until the case is finalised at court.

This fantastic result was due to your calls so please keep them coming in!

15 vehicles seized

In the previous two weeks a proactive team who operate in West Norfolk and who support the Rural Crime Team have seized 15 vehicles for no insurance or  for being used in crime. They have been working in conduction with HMRC regarding use of red diesel in non-agricultural vehicles.

Lead Thieves arrested

All Saints Church in Scottow North Norfolk – A vehicle with links to a previous Church led theft was identified at the scene. The suspects made off on foot from officers during darkness but they were successfully apprehended. The vehicle concerned has been seized for forensic examination and the stolen lead successfully recovered. The investigation continues but we will update you of the result in due course.

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Pink is still the colour!

DC Andy Brown reminds you that a simple spray of florescent pink paint will make your batteries un-attractive to thieves.

Whilst the offenders are on your land looking for stolen batteries, what else are they looking at?

Are you leaving yourself vulnerable to further incidents?

Church Lead Theft

Over recent weeks several Churches have been targeted for roofing lead. Please be vigilant for any suspicious persons or vehicles, close to or loitering near our historic buildings. I would ask that you report anything that you feel is not right in and around your local church.

St Margaret’s Church, Topcroft Bungay- A potential lead theft attempt thwarted, the roof alarm was activated and the person(s) fled the scene.

St Johns Church, Oxborough- Lead stolen from the church roof. Tyre tracks in the grave yard where a vehicle has pulled up towards the church.

St Margaret’s Church, Hempnall- Lead theft from the roof 30×10 mtrs approx.

St Benedicts Church, Horning- Lead stolen from the church roof, an area of approximately 50x10ft area has been removed.

St Andrews Church, Little Massingham- Lead stolen from the church roof.

St Peters & St Pauls Church, West Newton- Lead theft form the church roof.

St Marys Church, Cranworth- above the door, a small patch of lead peeled up, IP concerned it’s a test to see how easy the lead is to remove.

St Andrews Church, Letheringsett- A metal chest has been jemmied open by unknown person(s) and £50 stolen from within. House to house reveals two persons of interest, seen entering the Church grounds via a small side gate and spending two minutes at the most inside the Church before leaving the grounds over a wall at the rear of the Church.

High Value Trailers

Tilney Fen End- A multi-axle trailer stolen from behind a locked gate. The owner had welded an identifying number consisting of seven characters, beginning with ‘A’ across the rear of the trailer.

High value Burglaries (Other Than Dwellings)

Within the Breckland / Western border along A47. Can the community please take care to secure away plant machinery and high value tools given a recent spate of high value BOTD’s. The majority of offences will occur overnight however it is likely that offenders ‘survey’ the area’s in daylight. Please report any suspicious activity immediately noting registrations etc, etc

Heating Oil Thefts

It’s that time of year when people release they were victim to heating oil thefts in the spring and summer months, please report any incidents to us. To reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim consider purchasing an oil level alarm to place inside your tank, there are various products available online. Please also consider good lighting around your oil tanks, this is a good deterrent for thieves.

Great Ellingham- Adjoining neighbours have had their heating oil tanks drained. One person losing approximately 1200ltrs of heating oil stolen. The electronic monitor was ripped from the other tank.

Wicken Green Village- A heating oil tank had recently been filled but now drained of heating oil. The side gate has been forced open to access the rear of the property.

Wildlife Crime

If you have any information or suspicion about illegal activity concerning Wildlife Crime please contact our dedicated team at the below email address

Please use it to report any non-urgent concerns, queries or information you would like us to know about.

If you are aware of an incident or offence taking place there and then or shortly afterwards please dial 999 . The above inbox will not be monitored 24/7 but it will provide you with a direct way to contact our Wildlife Crime Officers.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Name Area
Insp Jon Papworth WCO Lead
Sgt Andy Tomlinson Breckland
PCSO Helen Maxwell Breckland
PC Ben Clarke Kings Lynn / Downham Market
Pc Maria Asker Kings Lynn
PC Garry Hoadley South Norfolk
PC Jim Squires South Norfolk
PS Richard Bedder Broadland
PC Jason Pegden North Norfolk
PC Stu Doe North Norfolk
PCSO Mac Cornaby Norwich


Barton Brendish- Coursing seen, a vehicle seen with 2 males and 2 Lurcher type dogs.

Barton Brendish- a green Subaru Forester seen in relation to coursing.

Upwell and Outwell area. Late in the evening/night time coursing taking place.  Vehicles and lamps seen being used on private land without permission. Police attended and attempted to stop one vehicle but the 4×4 vehicle made off across fields.

St Johns Fen- a silver 4×4 seen. The vehicle made off. An extensive search was made by officers with no results.

Weasenham- Males seen in fields with Lurcher dogs. The persons had left the area before officers arrived.

Docking- 3 males and 3 dogs seen on fields, the group left in a vehicle in the direction of Burnham Market.

Hockwold- Two 4×4 vehicles seen, 8 persons with 4 dogs coursing. Officers attended the area quickly, with no persons, vehicles or dogs being seen.

Stow Bridge- A call into Police reporting poaching, vehicle tracks found on a field. 3 weeks ago, eviscerated remains of an animal were located close by.

A10/Downham Market- A green Jeep Cherokee 4×4 with 5 males and dogs seen on land without permission. The caller recognised the vehicle from a previous coursing incident.

Boughton, Outwell, Fincham, Wereham, Littleport, West Acre areas, vehicles and tyre tracks seen across crop fields. I would ask you to remain vigilant and please report anything out of place.

Theft Other

Feltwell- Theft of a 40 Yard Skip from a work site. The padlocks cut from the main gate to gain entry and the skip emptied before it was stolen.

Earsham- £25k worth of copper cable stolen from a business site.

Brettenham-  A gas heater stolen from pig feeding barn.

Rural C

Burglary Other

Magdalen- A barn entered through the large wooden doors. The wooden planks were pulled back from the door to gain entry.

Felthorpe- 4x large 9000L and 2x 3600L Nitrous Oxide gas cylinders stolen, the offenders damaged a fence to gain access site.

Rockland St Mary- a barn entered using a crowbar or similar. Damage was caused to the barn doors. Nothing was taken from within the barn.

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